Who We Are

Crescendo Mastering was founded by Assaf Rinde with the intention of making mastering more accessible to composers and producers in the film and game industries. With over 20 years of experience writing, mixing, mastering, and producing music for media, we know what it takes to make your music stand out in a highly competitive market.

The Crescendo Effect studio is outfitted with the highest quality equipment and mastering-grade acoustical treatment. This calibrated listening environment combined with our exceptionally trained ears gives us the ability to hear every detail as we master your music to its highest potential.

What We Do

We master your music to sound good across all systems- from the theatre to high-end speakers to computer or car speakers. We make sure your music is clear, detailed, and exciting without being fatiguing for speakers or for the listener. We maintain a -9db RMS average volume in order to preserve the dynamic range of your music while still ensuring that it's competitive with other commercial recordings. And of course we can go louder!

We master your music to stand out by doing the following:

  • Frequency balance
  • Dynamic control and volume leveling
  • Enhance clarity and detail
  • Image correction
  • Clean your tracks without compromising your vision

Why We're Different

As composers ourselves, we have a unique perspective when it comes to mastering your music. We specialize in dynamic, cinematic music - the kind that we're used to writing, producing, and mastering every day. We also specialize in mastering digital content for release on iTunes, websites, and other online platforms. With the majority of today's music being released and experienced through these avenues, a great digital master is a must-have.

At Crescendo Mastering, we believe that the best masters are not overly compressed or unnecessarily loud. We believe that dynamic range is important for an exciting master- we'll never compromise the integrity or detail of your music. We understand the importance of a great master in making your music stand out in the industry.